Rethinking the Stash

So, I’ve just finished my modified Georgetown–more on that later! And this is my 5th sweater for the year! Whoa. And it means I have worked through all of my sweater yarn stash, with the exception of some Brooklyn Tweed intended for a Flight sweater.

But even after all five sweaters in 2017, I still have a massive stash–mostly of sock yarn. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my sock yarns and my minis, and my handspun. But, I am thinking that, really, I’m a sweater maker first, and THAT should dominate my stash. This presents two issues: it’s often hard to get sweater quantities of yarn on destash or even at yarn shops/shows. And, what’s a girl to do with all that sock yarn?

IMG_6628IMG_6310 (1)IMG_5503IMG_4376IMG_4259

Problem #1 Resolved: admit it, accept it. I’m a sweater knitter and I need sweater yarn in the old stash. To this end, I will get around to knitting Flight; I have ordered lanolin-rich yarn for Spencer’s cabled wonder sweater; and, while at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool, I picked out a sweater’s worth of Green Mountain Spinnery’s fingering weight yarn. Yum. One would think this would keep me busy for quite some time . . .  we shall see. Two of these sweaters would be knit with fingering weight yarn, and that does go quite a bit slower 🙂

Problem #2 Resolved: knit socks. Oh, and find *all* the patterns that will work with variegated sock yarns. My real dream is a sock yarn blanket. It’s in the works (i.e. in my head), and not in reality; but I do know that it’s one of my biggest desires. And not a scrap blanket, either . . . In the meantime, I’m working up a quick Linus Shawl of some Into the Whirled yarn, in part because no one fancied it for socks.

I know many of you are working on Fades of various kinds . . . not so much my thing (even though I love seeing them on you!) What else do you all knit with your variegated fingering weight yarns?

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Video Tour: WI Sheep and Wool Festival

Hello Friends! In lieu of a podcast this weekend, I have a wee tour of the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival.  I hope you enjoy the sweet tour of sheep, fleece, dogs, and stashable goodies! There is even some breed info in the mix for those of you interested in seeing the sheep behind the fleece 🙂 Enjoy! I’ll be posting a regular podcast next weekend!


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Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival

Please excuse my radio silence this weekend–I know, it’s unusual for me! I have a good excuse: I was hanging out with the sheep and the herding dogs and the miles of fleece at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival! I’ll add some video to the end of this week’s podcast so you can experience the excellent atmosphere; but in the meantime, I had to share a few fun photos!

Spencer and I drove up to WI on Saturday; I went to the festival and he went . . . fishing on the Rock river! Here we are in the parking lot excited about our solo adventures. I will say that as excited as I was to have all the time in the world at the festival, I was also wishing I could have shared it with Spencer. Ahh, but he had the same feeing about fishing! We’ll have to go halvsies next time!


This was my first full-event festival: sheep showing, sheep shearing, dog trials, fleece show and judging, etc etc. I have heard that some festivals can have the same old flks at the vendor fair, but this “Country Store” struck me as pretty novel and interesting. I saw some of the same culprits as at the Indiana Fiber Fest, but I also met some new fiber folk. I spoke with Carl of Bijou Basin Ranch for about an hour and loved every Yak-related story he shared. It was marvelous and I would totally go again!


Some of the funnier highlights include: the ATM trailer, alpaca poop in a bag, and glow in the dark fiber! Onward to the next festival!



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Two at a Time: Sleeve Caps

Well, now, happy Wednesday everyone! Here is a shot of my Georgetown


My post’s title is a bit of a misnomer . . . I don’t knit my sleeve caps at the same time, as some folks do with socks. But, I do knit them *both* before I knit the rest of the sleeves.

Here are my reasons:

  1. It’s easier to keep track and get into the rhythm of the short rows.
  2. It’s easier to remember all of the techniques needed for the German short rows I’m using here. Yes, yes, I know Hannah Fettig does not use the German short rows–hers are more w&t–but I love them! And use them whenever I can. I learned about and used them on the Aileas cardigans and I think they are neat (both meanings). Plus, the knitter doesn’t have to locate those pesky wraps.
  3. The knitting feels like it’s going faster: once I finish one sleeve and want to move on to the next, all of the technical bits are finished, so I can just go onward to the decreases and roll down the sleeve.
  4. It gives me a chance to truly try on the sweater before going any further–I have wide shoulders and it’s a good moment to check that these caps and the width of the back of the sweater will cut it.

How about you? Are you a two-at-a-timer? Do you like short-row sleeve caps? What kinds of short rows do you prefer to knit?

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Episode 22: In the Space Between

Welcome to Episode 22!! This one is all about fitting in the fiber during those down times and being surprised by the results. I have a spin and a knit for you, a sweater in process, and some news to share about the Knit Together Project! Won’t you join me?



Show Notes

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Spinzilla 2017 is Upon Us!


Registration is now open for the funnest (is that finally a word??) fiber event out there–Spinzilla! I’m on team ‘Shuttles Spinners’–sponsored by my favorite Boulder, CO yarn shop, Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins. It’s a fun, festive week of spinners coming together to support a great cause. I am a relatively new spinner (I started in 2015), but even I was able to find the time to spin over a mile of yarn last year! Many participants spun MORE or LESS . . . it’s just fun. So won’t you join us??

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Weekend Eye Candy

Or . . . I finally took some photos! Here are Ella and RebelTwo. Your Weekend eye candy!

More info and some more photos are available on my project pages 🙂

IMG_6308 (1)IMG_6310 (1)IMG_6317 (1)IMG_6321 (1)IMG_6334 (1)IMG_6345 (1)IMG_6354 (1)


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