Sand by Kephren Pritchett


Kephren is a brilliant designer and tech editor; you can read more about her work on her website. I absolutely love this Sand shawl (made in Mad Tosh Merino Light)! I’ve posted elsewhere about the modification I made to the edging–Kephren approved! And this past evening, we finally got around to taking some photos in the setting sunlight ❤

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The Better Sweater Series #4

Hi everyone! I am a couple of days late with this installment because of the end of semester madness that was April! But here she is! In this fourth video in the series I discuss pattern writing, show you my re-make-along sweater that’s underway, and talk about some neck line options. Lots of tips and tricks here! I hope you enjoy!

As always: I’d love to know how your sweater projects are coming along AND, I would appreciate any questions you have about this process!


Show Notes:

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Episode 36: Test and Sample Knitting!

Hello fiber-y friends! Today I am so excited to talk about my test knit for Albina McLaughlin of LB HandKnits!! The cardigan, Sunny Every Day, has been released and you all have the chance to win a copy! Albina has generously offered three copies to be given to three lucky viewers! Plus, I’ll discuss the differences between Test and Sample Knitting–I have a new sample knitting project from Wool & Honey about to hit the needles. Oh, and the results of kettle-dye-day are in; there is a KTP square to share; and some fun with Vogue Knitting Magazine from 2008 when Ravelry was just a baby .com

I can’t wait to hang out with you all!


Show Notes:

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Re-Skeining Yarn After Dyeing

After dyeing up a storm this weekend, I needed to re-skein my yarn. It was a bit messy after it’s bath and bubble and dry. I usually tie off my skeins with 3-4 ties before any kind of bath, but no matter, they can always use a little tidying up afterwards.


And so, I turned my swift on its side, caked up my yarn, and ran it through its paces! One of my favorite tutorials for this whole process is from Hue Loco. Basically, you use the swift to cake your yarn, then you turn you swift sideways and secure it to something vertical (like a chair back–or in my case the side of the loom) and then spin your way to a fresh,neat skein!

You can watch the Huu Loco tutorial here:


Caking up the dyed yarn before re-skeining


The Cakes!


Re-skeined and so happy!


The pile of newly dyed sweater yarn!

How do you re/skein your yarn?

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Sand Shawl Modification

Hi everyone! And good morning!

As promised (and with the designer’s permission), I have some modifications to share for the Sand Shawl by Kephren Pritchett! The shawl is a beautiful triangular shape with an undulating border and open lace work at the center. I knit up the small size and it’s perfect as a scarf/wrap around my neck on cold days! I love the way that the lace opens up and the MadTosh I used is a perfect yarn for this pattern–so soft and with a beautiful drape!

The main modification I made was to the border: instead of using Kephren’s beautiful i-cord border (which I feared I would snag and pull), I continued the undulating border around the second edge. Here’s how I did it:

Once you reach the end of the pattern for your desired size, you would normally begin by knitting back across on a WS row to work the bind off and i-cord. Instead, I worked my WS row only across the 5 edge stitches (including knitting the last YO from the RS) and then turned my work.


On the next RS row, I worked the same 5 stitches ONLY (including the creation of the YO) and then turned my work again. You can see the effect in the “added stitches” portion of the image above.

I repeated these two rows until I had 15 stitches (enough for the full border) on my last WS row–this took about 21 actual rows of knitting to accomplish, counting both WS and RS rows.

Then, I began working across the full 15 border stitches on a RS row, beginning with Row 18 of the border chart. On my WS rows, I would SSK the final border stitch with one of the live stitches left on my needles. I chose to knit these stitches 1 for 1, which creates a bit of a ribbon-y border. If you want a tighter, straighter border for this edge, you’ll need to SSK with more than 1-1. You might do a SSSK every other WS row, for example.

At the very end of the new border, I used an i-cord bind off to create a finished edge for those 15 border stitches.

And, voila! A new border for your Sand Shawl! I would be happy to field any questions about the modification! Kephren did a beautiful job with this pattern and I can’t wait to knit another of her shawls 🙂

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Episode 35: Plans and More Plans

Episode 35 is full of plans! A DIY Drum Carder Plan; a dyeing plan for my Shetland yarn landfall; knitting plans–of course; fleece spinning plans; and more! Even a lan for a dog sweater 🙂

FO: Sand Shawl by Kephren Pritchett

Giveaway: 3 skeins of organic cotton yarn and a stitch marker set!
To enter: leave a comment here, on the blogpost, or in the Ravelry thread telling me what you like to make with cotton yarn! Giveaway will close on 4/28; winner by random number generator.



Ravelry group:

Knit Together Project Info:
Lots of maker communities collaborate or play “tag” with fun objects, ideas, materials, or FOs. Right now, for example, there is an ice pick making the rounds with YouTubers . . . each person who receives the ice pick makes a video about using the object. I thought that we fiber-fellows could make up a collective project of our own. Won’t you join us?

Redwood Trail by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)

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DIY Drum Carder Plans!

Hi everyone!

It’s been about 2 years since Spencer and Steve built me a drum carder . . . and Spencer has just drawn up the plans!! So, I’m popping in to let you all know where to find them 🙂

The DIY Drum Carder Plans are available in his Etsy shop for just $1.50!

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 8.52.14 AM

The most expensive part of the carder was the cloth–I purchased mine from Brother Drum Carder for about $150. You could buy cheaper cloth if you go for a lower TPI. My DIY drum carder has 8″ 90 TPI (licker) and 120 TPI (swift) cloth installed.

Spencer is also totally excited to hear from any and all of you if you have questions:

Now, off to podcast! Enjoy the plans!

~Melissa 🙂


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