Resolution . . . Revised

“I will not buy yarn until June”

I heard myself say it out loud at a recent family gathering. As I paused to consider the ramifications, I did some quick math: my stash had enough yarn for eight sweaters, two blankets, a fair isle bag, and countless smaller projects . . . I would be fine and not only until June, but maybe for the whole year; maybe longer (gasp)

And then I began to wonder if I could bear the thought of *not buying yarn* for a full year. Well, that’s when I knew I was crazy. But, I do think really paring down (kinda like eating all the food in the house before a long trip) might not be so bad . . .

I may buy some yarn. I may still buy too much yarn (wait, did I say “too much yarn”?? NOT POSSIBLE). But, I also know that this one stash-busting sentence, uttered in haste at a family meal mostly to provoke some conversation, will change the way I look at my stash.

I figured I would chronicle my knitting life here to see not only what I knit and what the stash looks like before, after, and along the way (this year and into the future); but also to see what kinds of innovations destashing demands, what kinds of wacky patterns and weird combinations come out of it, to see if what the Yarn Harlot says is true: that there are different kinds of stashes we knitters like to hoard.

If I’m lucky–and all goes horribly wrong–I figure I’ll end up with more yarn in the end. . .

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