The set up . . .

To begin at the beginning: I have tried various set-ups for my yarn, needles, books, etc. At first, it was all in the living room–back when it was a small, manageable basket of yarn. My husband even built me a shelf that was supposed to (always) look like this:


Note the very small basket of yarn . . . this was in October of 2013.

In the next year and a half, I accumulated just a bit more yarn and a few more supplies:


Now, I am not in the business of giving up stashing or even admitting that this may be too much yarn for any one lifetime. I like to think of my yarn stash in the ways described by The Yarn Harlot : as a collection, a set of memories, places, yarn shops I have known. For instance, this little gem came from a Starbuck’s/Craigslist meet-up (oh the Shetland, unlabeled, straight from the farm to the mill to my stash yumminess of it all!)


But, this year is a year to see about finishing what I started with each purchase: project plans that have languished in the bins as I flittered (squirrel-like) from Ravelry pic to pattern page to design idea to oh-look-at-THAT-skein! And so, the needles are out and I have some plans for this year.

Next time: my To-Learn-List of 2015–all from the stash!

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