The Other Project

As I have been working my cables (which are getting easier!) I have also been working on a shawl pattern by Alana Dakos called “Hanging Leaves” I never thought I would knit shawls (kinda like I thought I would never knit sweaters . . .) but this one was too hard to resist. And so, I find myself to be a shawl maker–at least for now. This project will need to be blocked (a lot!) before the final photos, but these should give you an idea of the fabric and color. I went with the Fibre Company Meadow yarn (recommended by the designer), but I chose a slightly different shade–more blue, less purple; but as you can see from the photos, it all depends on the lighting. The fabric is totally dreamy and I can’t wait to wear this as a scarf (more of less) in the last weeks(?) of winter.




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