Color Choices

I have my eye on the 3-in-1 sweater for quite some time now; this version by Trin-Annelie in particular. She was kind enough to share the colors and numbers of skeins (of Madelinetosh Merino Light) she used.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 8.53.31 AM

I pulled out some Tosh from my stash, and then left it out on the kitchen table for quite some time (it *may* even still be there this morning); I looked, I color swapped, I even asked my partner for color advice–he is terrific with these things. I thought about just cuddling with the yarn. But in the end, I decided I just couldn’t pull off a good pallet with the grab bag of Tosh I have accumulated–it’s three different weights (Vintage, DK and some Merino Light) and no three skeins are alike.


So yes, dear readers, I resigned myself to yarn shopping. Since I couldn’t find those colors at my LYS (too specific and too many skeins), nor could I find them all consolidated on Webs, I went with just a few modifications: I kept Well Water and Denim as my blues, but I swapped in Aura (in place of Tern), Astrid Gray (in place of Silver Fox), and Antique Lace (in place of Gossamer). Crossing my fingers on this one! Most of the colors were back-ordered, so it will be a few weeks anyway. And the waiting is just a little penance for buying yarn instead of stash busting . . . but I do promise that as soon as that yarn arrives, it’s on the needles and not in the stash!

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