Reading my Cables

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am taking a Craftsy class on cables with Carol Feller. I have tried cables before–way back when I started knitting, and I liked them enough to knit about 12″ of a baby blanket in a deep, dark purple. You can imagine  two things going wrong here: 1) dark purple is not exactly the easiest color to see stitches and 2) an inexperienced knitter will have no way of correcting mistakes in a cable design (without a lot of help). Me, I was feeling like I always feel about knitting, that is somewhat intrepid. And so, I kept going forward until I looked back one day and realized I had made a huge error with the cables. Now, my knitterly self of 2015 is not so scared of this scenario . . . I would just dive down and fix the mess! But this was only my second project, I had limited resources (did I even own a crochet hook?!?) and even more limited skills for repair. I thought about going to my LYS and begging for help, but the loner in me refused to go public with my poor, twisted blanket.

So, I put it away. For a long time. Then, I decided to frog it. No lifelines, no LYS, no hope in sight–and certainly no pictures! Bah to cables, I said. And that yarn has yet to become something else.

Enter Carol Feller’s class on cables three years later. Ah. What was that? I’ll learn to “read my cables” hmmm . . . but the truth is, I did. And, yes, I did made a few mistakes along the way. Did I rip back five rows? Did I frog the whole bloody thing? Nope. I dropped down, did some commando knitting and saved some cables that were going bad. Thanks Carol!

The cardigan progresses quite well, I think. And in a lighter purple. Me? I’m ever vigilant. I know cables can turn on a dime, but not these twisted stitches; they’re mine!

IMG_7134 IMG_7135

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