Moments of Weakness

Sometimes knitting the stash is great–so many possibilities and so much yarn. So much Madelinetosh, even! (Yes, I did order enough for that sweater, remember; and I have more singles in my stash that I have been collecting grab-bag style from Webs and Craftsy–all on sale!).

But today, today was the opening of the Magnolia Society Sweater Club, something I have been waiting for for about 3-4 months now. Oh, I thought about and passed on their Yarn Club. And I had to wait so long for the sweater club registration that I nearly forgot about it. So, I should really thank my former self for signing up to all of those email lists that keep me so “updated.” Damn. And this year, they are offering two yarn bases not available outside of the club. (squeek)

I must be strong. I did just buy a (eh hem used) spinning wheel, after all, and I DO have plenty of yarn (and Tosh! at that) to keep me busy. But for the rest of you with a yarn budget and a dream, I would suggest a b-line for Tosh-central and a quick dip in the sweater club.


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