WIP! Cardigan Comes A-Long-Way!

Over the weekend, I finished the second sleeve, made some adjustments to the body (adding about 1/2-1″ of fabric) and then faced the (gulp) task of joining it all together. Now, this is my 4th sweater and I am fairly comfortable with set-in sleeves and short rows, top-down or bottom-up. But I have not completed a raglan sweater or a cardigan, so this join was a bit different. I studied up; watched some Craftsy segments of the class; read and re-read the pattern and then dove in. I had a couple of uninterrupted hours last eve and boy did I need them . . . I had an extra long cable needle, two sleeves on holders, four sweater cable charts + the sleeve cable chart, tapestry needle, waste yarn, raglan stitch markers, and a lot of patience. But it seems to have come together OK–I even looked at it critically in the light of day and I appear to have two sleeves. The cardigan did not grow two extra overnight, and all appear to be on the right side of the fabric. Yay!




The final picture is of the armpit, which will be seamed later.

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