When One Door Closes . . .

So, a yarn store (yes, another one) is going out of business in Alabama. How do I know this? Well, the power of social media, my dears! FB to be exact. A while back when I started learning about Spinning and Weaving Equipment, I found this lovely group on FB that posts all sorts of looms and wheels etc for sale. So, I lurk there occasionally learning about spinning, equipment, and, very basically, the fact that there are other, weird people like me out there in the world . . . over 6000 of them, in fact.

Last week, this lovely lady in Alabama posted something unusual amid the hundreds of loom and wheel images: YARN. Can you just imagine the feeding frenzy? How about if I tell you that everything she listed was 50% off because she was closing her store front . . . omg, I have never seen people respond and PM so quickly. Needless to say, I did find myself with a couple of skeins of her own hand-dyed yarn (Pale Moon Yarns). [As an aside, she plans to go online only after this retain store-front exclusive, so the story does have a silver-lining of sorts].

She has since posted a few more batches of yarn and I have selected a couple of choice things–a ball from Denmark and a Zauberball from Germany. I have decided that my stash is somewhat of a collection in that respect: I prefer hard to find yarns, one-of-a-kind yarns, yarns from other countries, yarns from specific breeds, handspun, etc. And this has all gotten me thinking . . .

I am 75% done with my current cabled sweater (whew! that one is taking a lot of concentration and time) and I have another sweater on tap (almost have the right yarn for it–or soon will once it finished arriving from being on backorder); but, all of these single skeins of special yarn make me want to delve into a few fun, small, manageable projects that really highlight the fun and beauty and basic special-ness of these new acquisitions. So, I think a future post will feature some match-ups and swatches and experiments with yarn. I know I’ll appreciate these skeins even more if they are keeping me–or someone I love–extra warm and cozy or just uplifted en route to spring.

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