Doing What I’d Rather Not . . .

So, I finished my cardigan! It’s blocked and has buttons and it’s soft and lovely . . . except for one thing: I went from a 34″ size in the waist to a 36″ size for the bust and I ended up with what can only be called flying squirrel flaps under the arms. In other words, the upper part of the cardigan is a little big, but the bust is too big by about 1″ on either side. It’s probably only really noticeable to me, but it’s been bugging me when I wake up in the morning, when I go to bed at night. I have yet to wear the sweater because of said flaps. I considered tailoring it, steeking it, even frogging it (gulp)


Before you cry out in pain, know that I have chosen to tailor it and NOT frog it. If I do knit this up again, tho, I would stick to the size 34″ all the way up and consider changing the location of the increases–even if it affects the cables a bit. I think 34″ upper will actually make the WHOLE sweater more wearable–especially given how the yarn relaxed after washing and blocking.

I considered not posting the sad news about the sweater’s imperfections, but then I thought about how many other blogs I read with tragic stories–and how comforting they are–and I decided to share my trials and tribulations.

So admire what you can about this sweater, for soon it will be modified! Any advice, cheers, jeers, or condolences welcome.

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2 Responses to Doing What I’d Rather Not . . .

  1. metaspencer says:

    Your frog will be a prince!

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