Socks! for a Small Human!

When I started knitting, my first target of opportunity was my then 8 yr old son. I knit him some mittens that were (let’s be honest) kinda sad.

Exhibit A: one of the mittens (sorry for the equally bad pic!)

Photo on 1-20-13 at 9.29 PM

I’m not sure if that’s what turned him off to knitwear, but I can only guess that these mittens, plus some scratchy hats (I knew nothing about selecting good wools) might have had an impact. Plus, he is definitely NOT a sweater guy. So, I have been quietly knitting in the background of his life for a few years now without making anything specifically for him.

My first hint that things were changing: he curled up over the heating vent every morning with an afghan I knit up last year. Seeing that just made my day–it didn’t matter if he dragged it around the floor or left it by the heater; whatever. And then, when the spinning wheel came, he wanted to spin some yarn! He even put up with a carding lesson (very brief) when I acquired some raw wool.

But then, finally, glorious day! He saw some socks that he liked in an Icelandic pattern book I had checked out from the library. And so, there would be socks for him. Never mind that I am mostly a sweater knitter, having only even made one sock–just to see that I could, back in the day.

Exhibit B: the single sock

IMG_7302 IMG_7303

We found some yarn he liked (Cascade 220 Paints in various shades of green) and I found an alternate pattern that would allow me to use the chunkier yarn. I promised him slipper/socks: not too tight; just something he could throw on is feet in the mornings (especially while curled under that other knit object).

Exhibit C: Z’s socks!

IMG_7297 IMG_7301

I am pretty happy and inspired to make some more socks . . . these are with a worsted weight yarn and so very quick to make. But some finer gauge socks will be just right too–and will probably last longer šŸ™‚

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3 Responses to Socks! for a Small Human!

  1. they look super great, hope Z loves them!


  2. woollykindknits says:

    Dear me! Our sons are the exact same age! And, I must say, your boy has many of the same reservations about his Mama’s craft as yours! šŸ˜‰

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