Blue Texel

I have been waiting with baited breath for a particular fleece. You see, once I learned about the magical world of Facebook fleece trading, I couldn’t help myself. I had to buy something. I posted earlier about my first go: the box of mixed wool fiber to practice with. I washed it and carded some of it. All for the first time. And things went OK.

So I decided I was ready for an actual fleece. A real one. And this beautiful Blue Texel from the Netherlands came across the internets. Now, I had no idea what a Blue Texel was or whether it would be good for spinning–much less for a beginning spinner. And I tried to imagine myself with a FULL FLEECE . . . but the lovely lady I was buying from made me an offer I really couldn’t refuse and so, ladies and gentleman, I bought the fleece. And I did some research. Turns out a Blue Texel is a great fleece for beginners and spinners of all kinds. The breed has an interesting history–and the blue versions of the sheep were once spurned and only lately loved and desired.

As I sat up nights with the Spinners Book of Fleece, my friends all joked about getting raw wool through U.S. customs. I worried over Paypal and the off chance that I would get fleeced by this FB deal. And then the weeks rolled by. No fleece. I went through the stages of grief, imagining my fleece sitting in a custom’s office somewhere, smelling of lanolin and foreign barnyards.

Until this very afternoon, when my package arrived. A small and light-weight box containing 4.5 lbs of sheepy goodness.


It was bursting at the seams, and when opened, revealed a lovely, crimpy, delicious blue and gray fluff of wonderfulness. Am I gushing too much?

Here she is!


After the carding party on Friday afternoon for the other fleece, I will decide how to go about this processing: in the grease? washed? More soon!

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  1. what a hansom sheep the blue texel is


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