Preparing for the Bourse–My 12 Step Plan

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 8.41.24 PM

1. Try to figure out what people are saying when it sounds something like “borscht”

2. Assume from the number of posts and tags that it has something to do with buy, sell, trade, swap (which, for the record would be BoSTS)

3. Go to the guild website and find the actual word, look it up, and remain confused

4. Consider how many sheep could fit into the small church where said event is going to take place

5. Consider how much money I have to buy said sheep–and then remember that sheep are not solitary creatures; decide to buy at least two sheep when and if the opportunity arises

6. Realize that a bourse is actually a strange exchange of some kind

7. Consider all the crap in your stash and think about setting up a table to peddle your scant wares (yarn, books, needles)

8. Talk to a guild mate who informs you “you’re new to this, so you don’t really have a stash yet; just bring your checkbook”

9. Decide that this must mean there are many, many kinds of stashes one could acquire

10. Make room

11. Find cash

12. Attend bourse and report back so that others can go through fewer steps to enlightenment

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