First Homespun to Knit!

The fleece to sock project continues! The update?

B finished spinning 5.4 oz of the fleece into some beautiful yarn (80% Colombia 20% nylon)!! I am so excited. She spun and spun during Greencastle booth-tending, and look at the result:

IMG_7710 IMG_7715

I have never knit with homespun before and this is almost too precious a moment for me to savor . . . planning a small swatch in the next few days and then (once I get the measurements re: J’s feet) knitting it up into some socks.

B and I are planning another play-day in the coming weeks to work on this fleece and perhaps something else? One never knows.

This post may be short, but there is much on the horizon: a Tangled Blanket update;  images from the Blue Texel fleece sorting and washing; some first homespun singles (of my own!); the bourse booty . . . and so much more.

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