WolKol Review

If you are not familiar with Wolkol, I wouldn’t be too surprised. It’s one of the best kept secrets of the Netherlands, methinks. I found Wolkol and Janneke Plomp through a Raw Wool Facebook group and was immediately smitten by one of her fleeces: a Blue Texel that was simply beautiful.


Given that it would be shipped from the Netherlands, we worked out a deal to find a fleece that would be small enough (4.5lbs) to fit into the smaller postal spectrum for postage. It arrived in a tiny box and expanded to fill a large plastic tub once I popped off the packing tape.

The fleece is now largely processed (I have a couple of wooly ounces left) and I have been amazed at just how CLEAN this fleece is. It hardly required any washing at all and came out very bouncy and soft–you can scroll through some older posts to see it in all its beauty.


Janneke is not too hard to find online on FB or Twitter. She does not have a website–but I wish she did! However, if you are interested in some amazing fleeces–especially Blue Texels, which are prevalent in the Netherlands as a hearty dual purpose breed (meat and fiber), you should get in touch. Her business card lists her contact info as wolkol2009@hotmail.com

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2 Responses to WolKol Review

  1. woolykindknits says:

    There’s a raw wool FB group?!? How fabulous! And that fleece is amazing!


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