DIY Niddy Noddy

Of late, I’ve been in the market for some spinning supplies. And the price tag on some of these items is quite high. Now, I’m not suggesting that a beautiful maple or walnut something-or-other is not worth the cash–quite the opposite. But, when you need to get a few different things all at once, it’s nice to know you can DIY some of them and save some money! This is particularly true if you have a partner who is quite a handy carpenter.

Up first: The Niddy Noddy

My guild-mate, told me about her own DIY version made out of PVC. You can see some examples on Craftsy and and on All Free Knitting. The only trick with these is that you should be able to pop off the end caps easily if you want to be able to remove your yarn without stretching or pulling it.

My guy made my Niddy Noddy out of Poplar dowels and brass fittings. It’s a 1 1/2 yard version and works just great. He used Gorilla Glue for the joints and the whole thing came together pretty quickly!


So, DIY when you can! (or while you’re saving up for that hardwood thingamajig)

And if you are looking for some good How-To, check out this video from ChemKnits Tutorials where the instructor goes slowly enough for you to follow along as you attempt to wind up that first skein of yarn.

Oh, and here is my tiny sample all tied off and wound up:


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