For the Feet!

My lovely friend Jean presented me with some alpaca socks last month. She knows I am a devotee of bulky wool socks (which I wear *over* my Smart Wool socks and in my down booties) in the dead of winter–Yep, I’m a lizard.

I was thankful, of course, but then I put them on and holy crap! These things are warm. Indeed, I stopped wearing two pairs of socks and the down booties because these socks are so cozy.

And they have some very cute alpacas on the bottom!

IMG_7761 IMG_7762

You can find out more–and even get or, better yet, gift your own pair–at places like Root Down Acres and other local farms in and around NY where Jean found this pair. The basics: “Extreme Alpaca Socks are made in the USA by the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America (AFCNA) using members’ fiber. Root Down Acres, LLC is a contributing member of AFCNA.”

* * *

In other footwear news, my fleece-for-socks trade has taken a turn: baby booties and a hat instead of socks for JK–they just found out they are having a new little one. In JK’s words: “At least this way the baby will outgrow it and we can still have them as a keepsake. Otherwise I’m liable to wear the gloves and socks until they need tossed.”

I knit up the first one last night as a tester for the yarn; pattern can be found here–not the most directive pattern, but it was free, simple, and easy to whip up. I think I will go with a Purl Soho cap–they have three cute designs up on their site. Anyone have favorite baby-stuffs patterns to share? B’s homespun was terrific to knit with–a little greasy still and will wash up just fine!

IMG_7768 IMG_7766

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3 Responses to For the Feet!

  1. woollykindknits says:

    Those socks are adorable! Hope to have a few alpaca amidst my woolly crew one day! I wear wool socks throughout the summer…of course, my summers are Pacific NW ones, but still…we hit 85 degrees every now and again, and you can get I’ll still be in wool sock!


    • lissymail says:

      wool in the summer! Yep, me too: it’s amazing how cool it can keep your feet (I like it especially when I’m out hiking!). Do you have a flock? I’d love to hear more!


  2. woollykindknits says:

    We’ve been hosting Finn rams lately…they come and “mow” our very steep, large back yard. We’re not, technically, zoned for them, but our neighbors seem agreeable. So, I’m hoping to open up our yard as temporary lodging to anyone in need year round. Land here is very expensive, but my family has 40 acres over in Edgar county, IL and sometimes I think…why the hell not! Sheep would bring more joy than soybeans there. Still, our Finns are enjoying their water/mountain views and, I must confess, so am I ;0)

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