DIY: Drying Rack

When I started all of this fiber business, one of the things that seemed the most daunting (don’t ask me why) was a drying rack for all of the wet wool one produces when washing a fleece. I watched a few YouTube videos and found that a lot of folks don’t have an official skirting table–or really anything official (this is spinning after all!)

Some people use old screens, soccer goals, fencing with some wood or PVC for a frame . . . you name it and it’s been used by someone. My husband came up with this version, which we simply clamp to the table and the window sill. Yes, it blocks off half of the room, but I end up with an indoor rack that’s big enough for about 1/2 a fleece of wool!




The main features of a drying rack are pretty simple: space, support, and, ideally, air flow on all sides of the wool. This version meets all of the requirements, plus, its collapsible, sizable, and sturdy.

For this version, all you need is a piece of screen mesh (the kind you would use to make a screen for a window or door), a piece of PVC or wood–if you want to protect your table top or windowsill from the clamps, and four clamps (we use the quick grip because they are easy for one person with only one free hand to adjust).

Fill with wool, and you’re off!

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