Bourse Booty


I wasn’t sure what to expect from the bourse. As it turned out, it may have been one of the best event ever. I was able to pick up tons of free fiber samples (a few are pictured above, including some soy silk and some cotton), some oldie-but-goodie issues of Spin-Off Magazine, plus a great “Who’s Who in U.S. Sheep Breeds” poster–my favorite find of the night (a purchase my son encouraged!). You can get one on eBay–but really, $50?? I managed mine for $2 from a great lady who hung it for years in her studio–this means I got a poster and a story.

The guild ladies–and one man–were terrifically welcoming and kind. The meeting ran smoothly. And we had a guest speaker Dr. Jennifer Banning. Being a professor-type myself, I was looking forward to her presentation. As the Director of the Lois Jett Historic Costume Collection, she did not fail to entertain. So many excellent examples of fabric and textiles were on display–and to an audience who could really appreciate them! Plus, she is an expert on feed sacks –> clothing. You can check out some examples from Va Voom Vintage here and some more info on the Etsy Blog here Fascinating stuff! and a good bourse to all.

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