Knitting? What’s That?

I realize that I have not been posting much about knitting lately . . . this is the result of monogamous stitching (only that Love Tangle blanket on the needles), the slow progression of knitting a blanket (that’s 186 stitches each row, thank you very much!), and all at shearing time, when the best fleeces from 2015 are available.

I foresee many projects rolling off the needles once I get the rest of the Corriedale washed, sorted and bagged, but for now, raw fleece, the threat of moths, and a humid house (that raw wool IS in a bag sweating!), I have to keep my priorities straight.

So, for today, I have a future KNITTING project to discuss: the Well Water Hoodie. I am linking to my favorite of the project pages here; the original pattern can be found here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.12.37 AM

I have been thinking about this sweater since I first laid eyes on the MadelineTosh Well Water colorway in a (sadly now defunct) yarn shop in Ithaca, NY. They had exactly 6 skeins; I agonized about the cost; I slept on it; I thought one of the precious hanks had been sold out from under me (AAAAHHH!); and that did it: reader, I bought the lot.


At first, I wasn’t sure what I would make with all that MadTosh, but I knew I had enough for a sweater. Then I found that Well Water Hoodie and everything fell into place.


I’ve gone as far as to knit up a gauge swatch. But this sweater is competing with two others: Flight and, more likely, the 3-in-1 for which the yarn finally arrived after being on back order. I’d like to think Well Water will win in the end, but who knows what state I’ll be in once the fleece is finished washing and fluffing. (Plus, there is the matter of those booties and that baby hat . . .) I know I will quit being a monogamous knitter and leave the blanket for background knitting–that’s for sure! After all, I managed to get some extra Addi cords on sale . . . so now, there are no limits.

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