Batt-er Up!

I have been kinda obsessed with the new drum carder (thanks, Spencer and Steve!!) and wanted to show off some of the batts–>rolags I have been able to make as trials for the machine.

Since this is only my third time working with a drum carder, I am still learning . . . for example, my wonderful guild-mate, D, saw the video on the last post and kindly sent me a PM on Facebook reminding me to not hold onto my fibers as I feed them into the machine: fluff them and let them go, she said! And she is right. If you go all hands-off (which is hard for tactile, fiber people) the fibers do not get tangled on the licker; instead, they head straight to the swift and build up nicely. With her advice, I was able to work on some blended batts, especially since the re-drummed batts were no longer getting stuck on the licker!

Bottom to top are some of the batts (converted to rolags) I have worked up:


On the bottom: a simple, single pass through the drum carder with some pure, clean Corriedale. I flicked the ends open with my hand carder and then sent them on through. You can see that it holds together well, but has some looseness to it.

In the middle, a batt that was made with Corriedale (same process as above), but then re-carded through the machine once more. This one is more consolidated and a bit of a tighter rolag.

On the top, a Corriedale batt that I layered with some KnitPicks roving (Wool of the Andes) in blue and copper. This one went through the carder about 4 or 5 times and blended up very nicely.

The spinners among you have already started to think about all of the possibilities . . .

Oh, me. I think I need to go full-time with this hobby . . .

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