Look Ma, No Ends! (and some WIP updates)

I learned to spit splice from Carol Feller; more specifically, from her Celtic Cables Craftsy class. I had heard of the technique before, but was a bit put off (not by the spit, mind you), but by the fact that it might not work. Oh dear me, the terror of it all. Trusting wool to felt–just a little bit–and hold itself together.

Enter spinning (and wool washing and carding) . . . and the slow learning process that wool is actually quite attracted to itself. So attracted, in fact, that this spit splice thing started to make sense. I would trust the wool.

And so, on a fateful car trip across 5 states, as I worked on the Love Tangle blanket, I decided to try it out–much to the chagrin of my road trip partner, who probably thought I was a bit of a nutter for spitting into my own hand and rubbing parts of my knitting yarn in there. He became a quick convert, though, when the splice worked–so did I, in fact. As of now, about five balls of yarn in, this blanket has only one end to weave in: from the cast on. And, yes, dear reader, it is sticking together. No huge holes have emerged.

IMG_0888 IMG_0889

In other news, I am working up a little surprise for JK in the baby-wear department. I will post one pic now (he may even be reading this blog!) and then go all silent and secret with this knit until it has found its way into his hands at the end of the month.


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