The Portulaca Cardigan Reborn!

As many of you know, my last sweater was a lovely cabled cardigan designed by Carol Feller. The Portulaca Cardigan was the end result of a Craftsy class taught by Carol and what a great class it was! I have not done an official review of Craftsy on this blog, but I think I might have to, and soon!

The only trouble with this sweater, as you may recall, was my own modification (from a 34″ waist to a 36″ bust) that, well, went bust; it left me with what I un-fondly termed “squirrel wings.” Now, if I didn’t love this sweater so much (and if it weren’t SO much work to knit another or FROG and try again) I would not have been so melancholic. But, sadly, the thing was unwearable.


Enter Amy! My besty who is also an excellent seamstress (and an accomplished illustrator). Amy whipped out the sewing machine, some pins, and some ingenuity and rescued my sweater. She was a little bit nervous about sewing knitted fabric, methinks; but I tried to reassure her that this was going to be OK. And somehow, she believed me 🙂


Well, dear readers, Amy fixed this cardigan right up! Here was the process in case it helps anyone else with a sweater disaster. [You could also take Carol Feller’s other Craftsy class, Sweater Surgery, if you need super-duper advice!]




  1. Turn sweater inside out
  2. Pinch the excess fabric and pin it
  3. Hand stitch a guide for yourself (Amy did this just to be safe)
  4. Run it through the sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch pattern
  5. Be brave! get out the scissors and cut away the excess–just don’t get too close to the machine stitches
  6. Wash the sweater (or just the area you stitched and cut)
  7. Gently felt the area that is cut (with your fingers in the warm water)
  8. Block and dry your sweater
  9. Voila! Fixed!
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