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a SouleMama tradition: one photo, no words, something to remember. Share yours here in the comments–via a link, if you like!

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    • Debbie says:

      This was my project in collaboration with Spurlock Museum. We picked an artifact to be our inspiration. I then spun 3 plies, one bamboo, one wool, one silk, plied them together. Then made up the pattern using a plate as the inspiration.

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      • lissymail says:

        wowza! I bet that lace feels amazing and has great drape. I love historical knitting projects–not doing them so much as benefiting by seeing them done. This one is amazing!


  1. lissymail says:

    love it, Debbie! I so want to meet your hounds and that table-top lace is AMAZING!!


  2. Simply lovely!

    Our moment this week comes from our walk yesterday. We stopped for ice cream at a brand new microcreamery before walking home. It’s all small batch, artisan ice cream and is absolutely delicious!

    Have a lovely weekend! xo

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  3. Wow! It’s gorgeous! I admire your talent. It’s a fantastic sweater.

    This is one of my highlights of summer. A beautiful place to relax.

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  4. Carie says:

    Beginning, middle and after? It looks fantastic!!

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