Knitting Revelations!

At long last, I can reveal the project I have been working on for a few weeks: a set of booties and cap for JK and his wife who are expecting a new baby in the fall! This was, as I suspected, a bit of a surprise for Ms. JK who did not know the full details of the fleece trade we made back in March/April–a trade that morphed and changed and became something very cute!

As you may recall, the original plan was a pair of socks for JK . . . but as B and I worked on the fleece, we weren’t sure how much yarn we would get out of it (it was a little bit older and the staple length was sometimes shy of 2″). Once he knew there was a baby on the way, JK asked if I would mind switching over to a cap for the little addition. I was thrilled: baby knitting? yes please!


B worked her magic, I had some homespun, and so this little set was born. I picked out a simple hat pattern from Purl Bee’s Heirloom Hats for Newborns (the Garter Brim version) and a sweet little baby bootie pattern from Sullivan’s International as a fun (extra) surprise. The patterns were pretty easy to follow and turned out well. You can check out my Ravelry notes for the set here.

This is the first fleece–>finished project I have been involved in (although I didn’t do the actual spinning for this one), and the magic for me is that in that interval, I learned to spin–like, really spin! and ply! and now, I am ever more excited for the next project.

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