Its Raining . . . Roving!

Sometimes things just come your way, even–and especially–if you were not expecting them. Like Corriedale roving, for example. In all the colors of the rainbow. In the exact type of wool you were dreaming of so you could practice some batt blending on your drum carder without having to spend a ton of money OR learn about dying . . .


And so it was that a lovely lady emailed the guild in search of local fiber-loving folks who might give her stash a new home. I met her on the other side of town, in her garage where six tubs of fiber waited. Oh, I wanted to take the lot; but I was smart enough to bring a limited supply of cash. Gotta keep this in check, right? So I left with 1+ tub of Corriedale roving (from a sheep named Giles), a raw Icelandic fleece (I promise a longer post on the raw fleeces I have waiting for me), and some washed Shetland locks.

So, on this stormy day, it really was raining roving 🙂

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