I Like My Corriedale . . . Neat

I cannot believe I forgot to give you all an update on the 100% Corriedale 2-ply that I finished last week . . . it’s “neat” in two senses of the term: it’s nifty (of course) and, like a perfect, undiluted and unblended cocktail, this yarn is straight-up, all Corriedale from Hubbard Handspun! I have a secret plan (soon to be fully revealed) to prep and spin a series of singles and/or 2-ply in each of the breeds of raw fleece I have acquired of late.

As for this blog, well, Monday seems like the perfect time to celebrate something, anything–and especially some purdy yarn! I made 2.5 hanks of this yarn from 2 bobbins of singles. Here is the first, all lovely and fluffy before washing.


What have you all been crafting lately? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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2 Responses to I Like My Corriedale . . . Neat

  1. woollykindknits says:

    Beautiful!! Really inspiring work!! 🙂 I’m trying to get my Fantoosh off the ground (so to speak ;-). It’s my first time with lace and I’m struggling! Thankfully my LYS has many patient helpers!


  2. lissymail says:

    OooOo good luck! I have not tried lace yet!! exciting 🙂


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