WIP Update: Love Tangle

Since this is a blog called “knitting” the stash, I do feel obliged to post a bit of knitting from time to time. I now only have the Love Tangle Blanket on the needles (Addi Click  Interchangeable, in case of interest). I have been posting some thoughts on this blanket over on my Ravelry page. The pattern has a few quirks, but once they are sorted, the blanket rolls on like a beautiful ocean wave. Well, maybe I’m just dreaming here, as it’s made out of 100% wool and I’m knitting it most days when the weather in Illinois is 80+ degrees and 100% humidity  . . .


I have made it through almost 7 balls of yarn (out of 22) and so, I have about 15 left to go. Ohhhhh boy. That’s a long way to go; I suppose that as it grows, the weather will (eventually) start to cool and I will be glad of a very heavy, happy, woolly blanket!

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9 Responses to WIP Update: Love Tangle

  1. its so very pretty, I may just steal it from you this winter!!!


  2. woollykindknits says:

    Gorgeous!! Just added this to my Rav Faves! 🙂


  3. lissymail says:

    aww thanks. I really like the simplicity of it–reminds me of some blankets I had when I was a kid 🙂


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  5. Debby Lewis says:

    I’m having trouble with the chart on this pattern. Specially row 3 and the K2 cluster repeats. I’ve read one description of this question, but I’m still confused. Any suggestions? Thanks


    • Hi Debbie! Ok, so, I think this might help: on rows 3, 17, and 31, you work the cluster for st 1-2 and then follow the chart up to the last cluster 3-16; **st 17 is then connected to st 2 (of the repeat) to create the next cluster** This is due to the way that the pattern repeat is drawn/worked. In effect, you create only three clusters during that row (instead of the 4 that appear on the pattern): 1 of these is a conjunction of st 17 + st 2; the other two are the clusters that appear in the center of the pattern.

      Only on the final cluster (after all of the repeats of the entire blanket) is made of the last two stitches before the border (sts 17+18)


      • Debby Lewis says:

        Thanks, I got it now. Awesome!! Another question, on Raverly, someone said the back side knits up the same as the front, but the pattern says to purl all the backside rows. Is this accurate? Thanks so much for your help.




      • Hi Debbie–Great!! It’s a fun knit once you get going 🙂 As for the backside: I purled and like it just fine. I think that’s the intention of the pattern . . . but I’m sure you could go different ways. Enjoy!


      • Debby Lewis says:

        Thanks so much. That’s what it seemed to me also.
        I kept getting replies from people who had not knitted this pattern, which was frustrating!!! I appreciate your input.
        Thanks for your help 🙂


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