The Sorting and The Sorter

Raw wool seems to come with few directions (except: don’t agitate! and beware the moth!–oh and that old story about spontaneous combustion . . . .)  Indeed, there seem to be as many ways to handle raw wool as there are spinners. I have tried a bunch of methods, including working in the grease, and while I like them all for different reasons, I have realized that I am a sorter: I like things neat and orderly.

This may be because I am relatively new to this enterprise and sometimes a new raw fleece is like a new language: the only way to make sense is to create and inhabit a grammar–to learn in a controlled environment. I did this with the Texel (for the purpose of color preservation) and with the Corriedale (for the purpose of maintianing lock formation). I thought I might move on from this technique . . . and I did go a bit wilder with the Icelandic (truth be told), but I do come back to my comfort zone quite often.

Thus, this organized tub of Gulf Coast Native or this one of Romeldale.

IMG_0260 IMG_0313

I’d be curious to know what other folks do with their fleeces . . .  I kinda like those full bathtub preppers who are ‘all in,’ so to speak. Terrifying for me (the consummate sorter), but, damn, that looks like fun 🙂

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7 Responses to The Sorting and The Sorter

  1. Debbie Mandel says:

    I am getting page not found when I try to comment…


  2. dystini says:

    I just rip off chunks, shake em out, pick out what I can and stuff into lingerie bags.. I might do some vague attempt to sort by color in the chunks. I soak in buckets outside for a couple of hours, changing the water 3 times. Then into a new bucket of water to soak overnight. I scour in my kitchen sink, one lingerie bag at a time, heating water on my stove. Scouring is a necessary evil to me, to be done as quickly as possible so I can get to the fun parts of processing and spinning,

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  3. BeeJeweled says:

    I sort some of my fleeces like this. I’m doing a cormo right now because I have to be so careful with it. But, mosty, I think the sorting is a way to be able to play with it and touch it even more! Fiber junkies!


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