On De-stashing

The other night, as I wandered through all of the rooms in my house that have been taken over bu fiber in one way or another, it dawned on me that one can have too much of a good thing. Something was in the air: a garage sale on the schedule, a closet recently cleared of old junk, and a huge pile of old and unused clothes on the floor just waiting for donation . . . I needed to destash some fiber.

As you know, I have been acquiring some bits and bobs of fiber from the guild bourse, from other de-stashers online, etc, etc. And at some point, when I was trying to flick card the (still) dirty ends of some year-old fleece, I decided: I just want to work on fiber I enjoy. I’ve had a nice sampling of breeds this year–nay, these first few months of what has come to be called the raw fiber extravaganza. And I will, no doubt, sample some more. But I had a bag of Coopworth sitting there, some mixed fiber that was bound for needle felting, and some raw Romeldale that I just couldn’t bring myself to wash (dirty as it was and finicky as it promised to be).

IMG_0307 IMG_0309 IMG_0312 IMG_0313

So I put out the Facebook call–the siren song of all fiberistas everywhere: free fiber. FREE. And yes, oh yes, they came! All the lovers of free fiber were on that post within about 3 minutes. As I fielded questions from potential takers, I was also working up a shipping calculation and asked my partner-in-kryme about estimating postage (he is an old Ebay genius). He turned to me, very calmly and said, “well, there’s no rush, right? It’ll be a couple of days before you find someone and in the meantime you can I always box it up, take it to the post office and then get back to the buyer with actual shipping costs.” I said, “well, I’m on FB now with some fiber sharks and I need to figure an estimate ASAP.” His mouth hung open and all he could muster was, “but you just listed it about 2 seconds ago!” Ah, the magic of FB interest groups.

The fiber will be off to a happy new hope tomorrow–a needle felter was intrested–and I am so happy to have it off my plate! I can now turn to that Icelandic and blend some Corriedale and happily dive into the remaining stash.

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