Calling all Mobile Spinners and Knitters . . .

Summer means traveling on and off for many of us and have been thinking much about what spinners and knitters bring with them . . . their wheel? a drop spindle? some knitting (a lot of knitting!)?

OoOoO and last week included Knit in Public Day!

As for me, I finally settled on not bringing my wheel when and if I do travel; instead, I am thinking of doing some studying about twist, color, and yarn design. The idea: when I am back at my wheel, I would better understand what I’m actually doing. As for knitting, I think I’d just grab a couple of stashed skeins and see what happens: a kind of forced experiment about knitting the stash and listening to the yarn. I’d also bring my WIP blanket (of course–good car knitting) and some mittens that need to be finished.

Traveling this summer? What will you bring?

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1 Response to Calling all Mobile Spinners and Knitters . . .

  1. Mrs. Optimistic says:

    I don’t get out much, but I used to bring my WIPs everywhere with me! Love it!


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