Yarning Companion

I don’t have any fiber news today, just a sad note; my fiber buddy, Mr Chooch, passed away this week. He was 16 years old and loved to dig around in any raw fleece I left on the kitchen floor. He was also quite the yarn snuggler, hiker, and eater of mango.

He will be missed.

IMG_5018  IMG_0673 IMG_7695  IMG_0626

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4 Responses to Yarning Companion

  1. Rain says:

    Oh I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss. I want to catch up with all your posts from this week (hopefully this weekend), but thinking of you now during this sad time.


  2. BeeJeweled says:

    Oh Melissa, so sorry to hear this! We lost our 15 year old PeeWee this January, and it still is so sad. People who haven’t had dogs just find it hard to understand. Give a hug to your son, who must be very sad to lose his really good friend. If you need a feisty dog fix, we have 2 of them, who might attend the next Monday spinning.


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