Bagging It!

My dear friend Amy made me some lovely project bags! She must have seen the state of my stash and thought: maybe some bags will help? Little does she know!

In reality: I am a terrible seamstress (I could post some projects that would send you packing) and Amy is an accomplished one. Sew (hehe), she offered to take some fabric off my hands and make something useful out of it! I seriously got the better end of this deal (I did give her a wee bit of fabric and may be gifting her some more–Amy if you are reading this, consider this a fabric-trip-invitation!)

IMG_0269 IMG_0266

The small bags are perfect for sock, mitten and hat projects; and that big purple bag?? Well, my blanket project fits in there . . . along with all the yarn! Amazing!


Plus, Amy has a way with craftsy things: the bags have adorable (and very functional) drawstrings and they have flat bottoms so they sit up and keep my projects from rolling around.


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2 Responses to Bagging It!

  1. Rain says:

    So awesome! Love the flat bottoms and bright colors!


    • lissymail says:

      thanks! I can only say that I picked the fabric . . . Amy did the rest 🙂 Though she has taught me how to make these bags now, so there may be more in my future!


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