It’s summer! It’s official! And that makes me think about cotton and linen and hemp  . . .

This past winter, I knit a sweater for my partner out of hemp (blocks UV, wash and wear, not too hot, etc.) and so far, it seems to be wearing well. But that was definitely a warm-weather knit and we’re talking summer here.

I’ve not knit anything with cotton yet, but I have a bit of it in my stash, just because: there was/is the washcloth plan, the dye plan, the ‘I think I may knit a summer top someday’ plan . . . I don’t have yarn for the latter. Erm, well, I didn’t until I started the Meandering Scarf and got to thinking about Schafer Yarn in Interlaken, NY. And since I was out in NY for a week or so this summer, I did take a little jog down the road to see what was new and interesting.


I ended up coming home with some Pima Cotton (‘Susan’)–a type of fiber that I don’t plan to ever spin (even though my lovely guild-mate, Debbie, showed me how–thanks, Debbie!), so that makes this skein a justifiable purchase (heh hem, well, ok, not really . . .) But this is such a pretty colorway, methinks; I’m hoping it’s just enough yardage to get some kind of summer top knit up . . . maybe the Honeymoon Cami–not that I’ll be honeymooning anytime soon 🙂


And it did remind me of the other cotton I have in the stash and will, someday–maybe sooner than later–put to use. It is summer, after all, and it might be nice to have some light cotton projects in my lap, rather than the huge woolen blanket at which I have been stitching away.

My only reservation: cotton can be one of the most toxic fibers out there. The ladies of mention this in their 6th podcast on ‘more yarn‘ and the NRDC discusses the use of pesticides and carcinogens. Ack. Going green? Not all that easy. So what to do about cotton? How do you all handle issues of fiber, environmental damage, and potential toxicity, mixed with, well, let’s face it: the draw of lighter fabrics and beautiful colorways? Qince and Co. have some lovely organic linen that might be worth a try; and Blue Sky Alpacas has some organic cotton yarn. Organic doesn’t solve everything, but at least its a nod in the right direction.




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2 Responses to Cotton!

  1. metaspencer says:

    That’s some nice lookin’ cotton. If you don’t end up knitting with it, it can always be used to knot tying. 🙂


  2. Hemp is a great summer fiber that’s easy on the environment – uses less water and less chemicals. There are some nice hemp yarns out there.


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