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My Very Own Barber Poll!

I’ve been eying all that barber-poll-yarn-eye-candy that you all produce over on Etsy. Beautiful stuff! I have also been thinking a lot about Tanis Lavalleer’s recent post about spinning enough yarn for a sweater (whoa!) I’ll admit, I am at … Continue reading

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Calling all Mobile Spinners and Knitters . . .

Summer means traveling on and off for many of us and have been thinking much about what spinners and knitters bring with them . . . their wheel? a drop spindle? some knitting (a lot of knitting!)? OoOoO and last … Continue reading

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On De-stashing

The other night, as I wandered through all of the rooms in my house that have been taken over bu fiber in one way or another, it dawned on me that one can have too much of a good thing. … Continue reading

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Icelandic –> Lopi Yarn

An update on the Icelandic fleece is in order, methinks! As you may recall, I acquired this fleece from a lovely lady who was de-stashing some fiber and goodies from her now shuttered sheep farm (sad, yes, but she has … Continue reading

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Farm Focus: Sawyer Creek Farm

This week: Sawyer Creek Farm! I had the opportunity to correspond with Sheila who started working with sheep in the 1980s. Her farm is located in Gouverneur, NY just north of my home town. Beautiful country up there! Sheila was … Continue reading

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Drum Carder Hack: Wallpaper Brush

My DIY drum carder doesn’t have one of those handy-dandy built-in brushes to push the fiber down onto the drum. These brushes are especially useful (it seems) when carding fluffier fibers or fibers that simply don’t want to pack down … Continue reading

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The Perfect Batt

Like many of you, I’m an online contest junky–if it’s yarn or fiber related, I’m throwing my hat in the ring! Well, I finally got lucky: Kami Noyes of Ranching Tradition Fiber was sponsoring a “Birth Month” giveaway each week … Continue reading

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The Sorting and The Sorter

Raw wool seems to come with few directions (except: don’t agitate! and beware the moth!–oh and that old story about spontaneous combustion . . . .)¬† Indeed, there seem to be as many ways to handle raw wool as there … Continue reading

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WIP Update: Love Tangle

Since this is a blog called “knitting” the stash, I do feel obliged to post a bit of knitting from time to time. I now only have the Love Tangle Blanket on the needles (Addi Click¬† Interchangeable, in case of … Continue reading

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I Like My Corriedale . . . Neat

I cannot believe I forgot to give you all an update on the 100% Corriedale 2-ply that I finished last week . . . it’s “neat” in two senses of the term: it’s nifty (of course) and, like a perfect, … Continue reading

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