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WIP Update: Meandering Scarf

She is coming along quite nicely! As an aside, I was pleased to hear several of my guild mates are downloading the pattern (it’s still free!!) and they might try their hands at it! You should too 🙂

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Caroline: Ashford Traditional

My meeting with the second wheel went well! Her name, I was told, is Caroline. She needed a little TLC  . . . a new cotton drive band and some work on the tension (which was pretty much solved with … Continue reading

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Mean Jean

Before heading out to see family, I wanted to make something special for my good friend (and my dad’s girlfriend), Jean. We lovingly refer to her as “Mean Jean” because of her awesome card-shark abilities. And so, a colorway was … Continue reading

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Crochet at Alcatraz??

That’s right folks, the fiber arts were alive and well in the world-famous prison. We recently took a trip to sunny (and cold!) San Francisco for a week and we managed some time at Alcatraz, which was super interesting. My … Continue reading

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Hog Island Part 5: At Long Last, 3-Ply

I have been wanting to 3-ply for a long time. Now, I’ll admit that sounds weird. And, I’ll say: I have tried chain plying  . . . to mixed results. What was holding me back, you ask? Why, bobbins, of … Continue reading

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Farm Focus: Ewespun Fiber Mill at Old Man Wool Farm

This past week, I corresponded with Deborah Peterson of Ewespun Fiber Mill at Old Man Wool Farm. First of all, love the name. Second of all, love her recent destashing–this was how we ‘met’ online: through a FB destashing group. … Continue reading

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Batt Candy II

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Taking Stock: 2015 To-Learn Lists

I was looking back through the blog the other day and remembered I had posted my 2015 “To Learn List” . . . funny how life takes some unexpected turns. I’ve pasted the list below, and while there has certainly … Continue reading

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I have just finished Scott Herring’s terrific new book, The Hoarders: Material Deviance in Modern American Culture and I just have to talk about it here. Hoarding, you say? What does that have to do with fiber and knitting? Oh, … Continue reading

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The Second Wheel

No, not the third wheel . . . though my partner probably feels that way sometimes while I’m busy spinning. No, no, the second wheel. When I first purchased my Ladybug, I warned you (and myself–and my partner) that there … Continue reading

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