My friend Steve (who is the other man behind the DIY drum carder) gave me one of his amazing sculptures for my birthday (lucky me!!) I have been admiring this very handsome piece for nearly a month now. But, my pictures can’t do it justice . . . to see the real deal, check out Steve’s webpage! He also told me it was OK to post a few of his images here, so I’m totally going to! Steve is a self-tracker who records his longitude and latitude every hour of ever day–and he’s done this since 1999. He then figures out nifty ways to display this data (often in tandem with other data, about the weather, etc). Lately,he has been working with glass, molds, and resins. This “Floating Data” piece is similar to the one I have sitting in my front room at home:


Beautiful, right?

Seeing the sculpture every day got me to thinking: could I replicate the blue colorway he used for the inset? So, tonight, I busted out that drum carder and started to play. Steve (and Amy) and I had a long discussion about color the other evening and so, in part, I hope the experimentation makes them a little bit proud; boy did they try their best to explain color theory to me. Luckily, this was more of a simple blue; nothing to fancy or clashing to derail my efforts!

This is what I came up with, and I’m pretty happy about it πŸ™‚


And one more (slightly altered–to get rid of the bad background) image for effect.


I blended the batt a bit more after these photos, and the final result is excellent: it’s a mix of my Hubbard Handspun Corriedale and some of the dyed Corriedale roving I purchased from the shepherdess.

Maybe I’ll get the hang of this color thing yet! (My photos, on the other hand, leave a little bit to be desired) πŸ˜‰

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