Blog Roll Please!

**Hello Fiber Trek folk! I was so honored to hear Sarah mention this blog on her latest podcast . . . I had already planned a post about ‘community’ for today, and here it is at work! Sarah and Fiber Trek are certainly in the list below along with a few other wonderful fiber folk. I hope you find something new, something familiar, and some fun connections!


When blogs first started appearing back in the day, the Blogroll was all important. It was a way to represent the kind of communities you belonged to, to recognize other bloggers, and to make connections between your own work/writing and the work of others. I find that Blogrolls have fallen a bit out of fashion these days (maybe I’m wrong–I’d love to hear folks’ experiences with this phenom).

This past January when I decided to get into this blogging business, I had been reading knitting blogs for about two years. I would follow the links, one to the next, or find someone when I typed in a google search, or stumble on someone through Ravelry. Indeed, I had a Ravelry page *long* before I had a blog address. At one point, early on, I even googled “top knitting blogs”–which did not lead me anywhere I really wanted to go. But after searching, reading, and generally lurking for a long while, I decided to dip my toe in the pool and see what was what. I’ve very much enjoyed this blog not only as a space to keep track of my own projects and fiber adventures, but as an excuse to connect with other like-minded fiber folk. As far as I am concerned, it’s the best part of this self-appointed gig!

But I think it’s a bit strange that we don’t spend more time talking about the meta-communities we are building. Maybe it’s because they are sometimes one-sided (secret admirers), but no matter, my blogroll does represent at least a snapshot of me as a knitter and a new spinner. And so, this is my meta-moment: a chance to officially introduce (at least some of) my blogroll–even as it grows and changes.

First, the knitwear designers I love: Carol Feller, Alana Dalkos, Melanie Berg, Sarah Pope, Ysolda Teague, and Tanis Lavallee. I found these ladies through various routes, but each has a sense of style and an MO that I greatly admire. There are others, of course, but these were some of the first designers I encountered who made me think, hey, you can do this as a (side) job?? Several of them have multiple outlets (Craftsy and podcasts included); and I have learned so much from these classes and audio-casts. My family, on the other hand has grown weary of my fiber-listening and occasionally sings the Never Not Knitting theme song very loudly as a way to signal that it’s time to turn the music back on in the car.

Second, the spinning/fiber teachers that have had a huge impact on my young-fiber-loving life: Sarah Hunt, Jennifer Beamer, Jacey Boggs, and Clara Parkes (yes, indeed, many of the designers would fit on this list as well!). I found Clara through her terrific Craftsy class and her Knitter’s Review; likewise with Jacey and Craftsy; and I have often posted wisdom from Jennifer and Sarah–two lovely ladies who can somehow do it all without breaking a sweat.

Finally, the bloggers: Amanda Soule, Susan B. Anderson, Cassy Dominick, Julie Crawford, and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. These ladies have inspired me from day one, and I am very lucky to have learned something from each of them–especially their ability to find humor in just about anything that can go wrong with fiber.

So, who has inspired you? What has become of your blogroll?

And, do you know all the words to the Never Not Knitting podcast theme song??

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6 Responses to Blog Roll Please!

  1. Carie says:

    i had a blogroll in my sidebar when I first started but they do seem to have fallen out of fashion, possibly because you can see who people follow through other social media, and possibly because I follow hundreds of blogs and it would get a bit unwieldy!!


    • lissymail says:

      I completely agree! If I listed all of the lovely blogs I follow, the blogroll would take over! It’s an interesting throw-back, though, kind of like anything analog. It seems quite earnest and sincere to me.


  2. knittedblissjc says:

    some excellent links here, I’m a big fan of Cassy’s Knit the Hell Out blog, too! Thanks so much for including me in the round-up, I feel so honoured that you enjoy my blog!


  3. NH Knits says:

    hi Melissa! I hopped over to your blog to say hello!! Sarah has brought us together, that clever girl! This is a great post and I agree that blog rolls seem to have gone by the way – and I note I don’t even have one on my blog which is used for the podcast – but they were a great way of finding new bloggers before instagram etc. …and yes, I do know all the words to Never Not Knitting, because it’s brilliant! Cheers, Claire


    • lissymail says:

      Hi Claire! So nice to meet you! I feel like I have heard all good things about you and your podcast from Sarah and can’t wait to catch up! You have some lovely Ravelry projects up, btw! Thanks for stopping by!


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