Hog Island Part 4: Spinning 3 Bobbins Full

I am happy to report that the Hog Island spinning is going quite well. I have changed how I spin when using these batts: for one, I am using a smaller whirl (so a different ratio) and I am treadling faster–in short, I am trying to still introduce more twist into this fiber than I normally would (for the Corriedale, as an example). Whether this is “right,” I know not! But it seems to be working when I sample by plying the single back on itself. The yarn ha a good consistency and (still) a great spring to it.

IMG_0730 IMG_0731

My plan is to go for a 3-ply, not only because I finally have enough bobbins (yay), but also because I think this is going to be a beautiful, springy yarn and I’d like to see it all fulled out and rounded in a 3-ply. I’ll have to post Hog Island Part 5 if and when I get that far!

This week has also meant bath time for the rest of the fleece: the really soft and fine sections (which I am going to try to keep separate) and the bag of extras: the fluff that lacks lock structure, but will likely card up just fine.

IMG_0742 IMG_0743

I am curious to see if I have enough of the rougher stuff for this 3-ply (I carded 3 one-ounce batts and I have enough washed fiber for about 3-4 more); I am committed to keeping the various parts of this fleece separate so that I can see how they spin up. This may mean three 1/2 full bobbins as opposed to three chock-full bobbins for the 3-ply, but that is OK to me.

Hog Island Part 5? Hopefully some actual yarn! Maybe even a (gasp) knitted swatch.

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