Taking Stock: 2015 To-Learn Lists

I was looking back through the blog the other day and remembered I had posted my 2015 “To Learn List” . . . funny how life takes some unexpected turns. I’ve pasted the list below, and while there has certainly been progress on all of the knitting fronts, you’ll note that there is only one entry for spinning! Who knew that there would be a guild-joining, a fiber-community to enjoy, some raw fleece to wash, Farm Focus posts (and visits!), and an entirely different stash to accumulate and enjoy.

At mid-year, it’s nice to take stock and think about where I *thought* I was headed . . . and to see where I’ve actually ended up 🙂

How are your lists, plans, and expectations coming along for the year?

2015 To Learn List

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1 Response to Taking Stock: 2015 To-Learn Lists

  1. Talya says:

    So far I am on-par for the year. I wanted to do at least one project per month (and I currently have 8 done), plus I wanted to teach myself colorwork, cables, and steeking. I only have steeking left to do. And as I want to knit myself a sweater this year- I think that will be a perfect Learn-To-Steek project.

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