Mean Jean

Before heading out to see family, I wanted to make something special for my good friend (and my dad’s girlfriend), Jean. We lovingly refer to her as “Mean Jean” because of her awesome card-shark abilities. And so, a colorway was born!

IMG_0803 IMG_0806

I wanted to try another barber pole, but this time, I wanted to not muddy up the color so much. So, I went with 100% Falkland for 2 oz of the batt and 100% Corriedale dyed by the Shepherdess for the other 2 oz. I tried to spin the singles a little thicker than the Hog Island singles because this would be a 2-ply, not a 3-ply. This thicker spinning worked well for the Falkland (prepared top, spun from the fold), but the Corriedale was a little stale and sticky with some left-over lanolin. I did run it back through the drum carder, and that helped a bit, but spinning from the fold got a bit, well, sticky. So, the resulting singles were a bit thinner than I would have liked. Nevertheless, the color was wonderful, in part because it was not blended with any plain white Corriedale (which was the strategy I had been using).

IMG_0809 IMG_0810

I like how the finished yarn turned out. It’s cute and colorful and fun. And I can’t wait to give Jean her first homespun to play with!

IMG_0816 IMG_0817

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4 Responses to Mean Jean

  1. Beth says:

    Looks Wonderful! Now we need pics of what “Mean Jean” does with it.


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