Caroline: Ashford Traditional

My meeting with the second wheel went well! Her name, I was told, is Caroline. She needed a little TLC  . . . a new cotton drive band and some work on the tension (which was pretty much solved with a newer–tighter–drive band). Some oil was in order (and continues to be each day . . .) And then, she spun just fine. All of the original leather is still in good shape and the wheel is (almost) completely true (she wobbles, just a little bit), and nothing affects the kind of spinning I want to do.

Here she is. Would love to hear from others who have an Ashford Traditional (old or new) and what you think of her? I am particularly curious about how to change the whorl, which is attached to the flyer . . . I emailed with the good folks at the Woolery and learned that there is a new flyer that will ‘update’ these older models and offer several whorl ratios.  I think she is a 1965. Can anyone else help date the wheel?

IMG_0828 IMG_0829

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5 Responses to Caroline: Ashford Traditional

  1. Mahony McGrath says:

    I just inherited one exactly the same. From what I have found out it is a 1965. The tension knob it on the outside. I have never spun before. I got a maintenance kit and am wondering if you used the springs for the brake tension? Because when they came out they used a rubber band on the hook. The ashford nz website has a past model assembly manual you can download for 1965 which helped me figure out I have a 1965.


    • lissymail says:

      Hi Mahony, From what I can figure (and my guild mates have taught me most of what I know about wheels): yes, you can use a spring OR a rubber band for the brake tension. Either serves the same purpose–to provide a bit of tension with flexibility. I love the idea of downloading the manual to figure out the exact model. I have used the FAQ “How Old is My Wheel” but your method sounds more scientific 🙂


  2. Mahony McGrath says:

    Awesome, thank you. I got some roving today so now I know that I get on with getting my wheel in working order. Very exciting! I had a look at the how old is my wheel page, it’s such a good idea to have that.


  3. I realize this post is a wee bit old…but Ijust came home with a 1965 Ashford Traditional, so ALL THE RESEARCH!


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