Border Leicester Lincoln Teeswater Part 2: A Wash!

As some of you know from my last post, I spent about a week in NY during which time I was gifted two fleece (is that plural??). Yes, two. Now, the problem for me is not the gifting . . . but the lack of equipment and hot water. Our little house had a small water heater and, while this would not have been a problem for the Alpaca fleece, it was for the Border Leicester Lincoln Teeswater fleece, which was super greasy! So, my lovely partner and I improvised (at least for about 1/6th of the fleece). Our set-up: get some hot water PEX out the basement window into a tub, use lots of Dawn, and nail down some hardware cloth to some sawhorses.

IMG_0842 IMG_0844

When the drying fleece began to blow away, I devised all kinds of future solutions in my head. But my practical side just grabbed some more “cloth” and sandwiched the fleece down so that it wouldn’t fly away into the sunset. I did eventually bring in the almost dry fleece to finish it off inside due to an impending storm . . . the perils of working outside 🙂

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One Response to Border Leicester Lincoln Teeswater Part 2: A Wash!

  1. knittedblissjc says:

    wow, you were coming up with some ingenious solutions to get that fleece washed and try! I love it, looks like you totally found a way to make it work.


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