The Little Swatch That Could

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Introducing the first swatch I have ever knitted from my homespun. I’m just a *little* excited that my yarn works for knitting and, in fact, looks fairly normal–but maybe just a little bit better than normal (because I know exactly where and how it started it’s life).

You can see the darker and lighter sections, some of the thicker and thinner, but it doesn’t actually matter in the swatch. It just looks purdy to me.

IMG_1078 IMG_1080 IMG_1081 IMG_1088


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1 Response to The Little Swatch That Could

  1. buggleboo says:

    I’m impressed! My spinning is not very good – I spin tight and haven’t figured out how to balance that during plying so a lot of my yarn ends up kind of twine-like. Personally, I like the slight thick and thin, it gives the yarn personality as compared to commercial yarn, but doesn’t compromise function. Nicely done!


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