Heathered Purple Love

I have been working up to creating yarns that I actually love and plan to work with. I now have some decent consistency, can spin fairly fine, and know enough to go back and fix mistakes as I spin. The result is yarn that I want to work with; yarn that has a future as a knitting project.

One of my favorite colors is purple–oh yes! and I have been saving some Knit Picks Wool of the Andes roving in Amethyst Heather until the time was right. Since taking Felicia Lo’s class on Spinning Dyed Fibers, I actually understand some new things about color–including the effects of blending two colors on the drum carder (vs. dying a skein after it’s spun, etc etc). So, I blended up some of my Corriedale fleece from Hubbard Handspun with some of the KP WoA roving and voila! A color I can love!

IMG_1133 IMG_1173 IMG_1183 IMG_1184

The other neat thing about this skein (which is 2-plyed) is that it is BIG–as in almost 370 yards long! What? yes. And it looks like a DK weight yarn to me, so I think this skein also has some potential for projects: maybe a hat or a pair of mittens. I am pretty excited to actually use this yarn–I’ll keep you posted!


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One Response to Heathered Purple Love

  1. metaspencer says:

    Another nice one! Time to stash it away, right?


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