Swatching for Sweater

I have some delicious mill-spun, undyed yarn from Feederbrook Farm that I am super excited to use. I have enough for at least one, maybe two sweaters and I want to try my hand at a natural color (with a little bit of fair isle for pop around the yoke). As an aside, I’ll be featuring Lisa Westra of Feederbrook farms this coming weekend!!!


The swatch is with some of the Corriedale 2-ply yarn knit on size 5 bamboo needles. I like the weight and tightness of the fabric, but I have not yet checked gauge–waiting for the swatch to finish drying 🙂 You might notice the strange pull of the fabric in the top right corner: these are 5 YOs that I added on purpose to remind me (later) what size needles I used. Clever, eh? But it’s not my trick! I learned it from several smarties on YouTube and from Carol Feller’s Craftsy class. Love this trick!

IMG_1290 IMG_1291

Inspiration for this sweater is certainly Epostrophy by Kate Davies, but I think I will tweak it just a bit once I do some figuring based on my gauge and her pattern. What I do know: cardigan, yoke, in the round, steeked (eep!), and some fair isle colorwork. Plus, knit with breed specific yarn . . . yay!

And, in spinning news: some new fiber to try! A superwash Merino from Nest Fiber Studio I am not usually into superwash wool, but as a new spinner, I feel like trying everything at least once. And this fiber will allow me to experiment with some color theory that I have been learning in Felicia Lo’s Craftsy class on Spinning Dyed Fiber. Fun.


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5 Responses to Swatching for Sweater

  1. Rain says:

    That would be a Shackleton level project (FiberTrek) for me! But I do love that sweater!


  2. lissymail says:

    🙂 I know, right? Cover me, I’m going in!!!


  3. Alina says:

    Beautiful yarn! It must be so exciting to knit with yarn that has a story! Enjoy!


    • lissymail says:

      yes, I completely agree! There is something lovely about knowing the shepherdess and the sheep–even if it is virtually 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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