Someone Else’s Knits

Last night, I had to attend an event. It was the kind of event you want to avoid while still being present (complicated, yes, I know). So, I did very little planning for it or thinking about it (aside from dreading it) and, well, that led to some panicked moments just before rushing head over butt out of the house . . .

Just as I was swapping shirts, grabbing car keys, and, basically panicking, my dear sweet spouse reminded me that I could–and should–bring my knitting. Knitting! Of course. Trouble was that we came to this conclusion *just* before the event and I couldn’t very well take my blanket with me–it easily weighs about 8lbs! I have one mitten on the needles, but it’s a pattern that demands some attention. No socks. No scarves. No simple, simple knitting. I contemplated taking some swatch work, but that would mean balling up a skein. No, the sad truth is that I had no travel-event-appropriate knitting on my needles at the moment 😦

But my sweet darling did! He had just started a hat from some of my homespun and he volunteered it’s K5,P5 brim for my anxious evening! I muttered something very seriously about gauge, and other people’s knitting, and, and, and, but he just chuckled. “Take the hat; it’s set up for the next K5 and then you will be able to read the stitches from there. Oh, and watch out for the part around the unwoven end–it’s more like K7 at that point cause of my misnumbered cast on.” (lol) “Got it,” I replied, “I’ll grab a project bag and go.”

Oh, thank the man for his knits.

When I think of working on someone else’s knitting, it reminds me of the history of piecework, the work of test knitters, and the problems of translation from knitter to pattern to knitter that lead to so many discussions of gauge. But that evening, I was simply loving the rhythm of the K5,P5 (except for that K7 section . . .) and the fact that I had something to distract, engage, and calm me through the evening.


Project bag courtesy of my dear friend Amy Cartwright

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1 Response to Someone Else’s Knits

  1. BeeJeweled says:

    I have done this so many times! I know always have a “car/meeting/Dr. appointment” knitting project sitting by the door! Drop spindle spinning is also a great one.


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