Self-Striping Socks

After finishing the blanket (pictures to come!), I find myself drawn to the smaller projects: mittens, hats, and, of course, some socks. You know, something that will be finished before 5 months or a year goes by . . . but I have never knit socks for myself before. Yep, that’s right. I have finished a pair for my son, and I have the strange dangler-single sock somewhere in the stash (you know the one: made out of acrylic yarn as a tester–and yes, I can turn a heel!)

I am about to embark on a sock knitting adventure involving self-striping yarn. Regia self-striping yarn, that is. I heard about this amazing stuff from Susan B. Anderson’s blog a long time ago and had to get a bit of this nifty yarn. So, I bought two skeins and now, I am committed to figuring this out.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 10.01.39 PM

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There are a few patterns to help, like this one from Schachenmeyr; but mostly, I’ll be winning it, per usual.

The whole self-striping sock yarn thing got me thinking though: HOW is this yarn created? One answer, I found is sock blanks that you dye and then unknit and reknit into a sock. Yes, you heard me: sock blanks are pre-knitted fabric that you dye and then unknit into socks. You can watch a couple of cool videos here that will explain the process better than I can with words.

Now, I am not sure if this sock blank process is used by Regia . . . but if anyone knows, I would love to hear the story! Please share in the comments if you have used sock blanks, or know more about their provenance and/or use!

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6 Responses to Self-Striping Socks

  1. Talya says:

    I like sock blanks. It’s a little easier to play yarn chicken with them. 😀

    BUT – if you have a knitting machine- you can make your own sock blanks.

    This may cut down on costs, as the Bare fingering weight 100g sock blank is $19.99 USD, BUT the Bare fingering weight 100g regular hank is only $7.59 USD. There are also striping tutorials floating around the internet (and YouTube videos).

    So it really just depends on how involved you want to go…


  2. chrisknits says:

    Regia does not use a sock blank technology, it would be too time consuming and would not create the fair isle effect the yarn above shows. They likely just use a printing technique that adds the different colors to the strand as it feeds through a machine. But sock blanks can be fun to color yourself.


  3. Carie says:

    I think Regia just print the colours on the yarn, sock blanks are mostly for fun and part of the fun is knitting from the blank not a ball – it confuses people wonderfully! Good luck with the socks, you might find its just a teeny tiny bit addictive (says the woman who only wears handknit socks!)


    • lissymail says:

      Someday, I hope to join your ranks, Carie! Thanks for stopping by and for the info about Regia–I’ve been oh so curious about this phenom 🙂


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