Christmas in . . . September?

During the last holiday season, I knit some presses for my family and friends . . . but I also decided to simply ask what each of them would like. It was a fun gift to give and it’s left me with some neat–commissioned–knitting projects for the year. I finished up a pair of mittens last winter and then a hat (or two) and I’ve one last pair of mittens to finish up before my deadline of December 2015. Here are the first set of mittens (I posted more info about them on Ravelry).


In case you are interested, here is my little present card (partially filled out):


And these are the final pair mittens–to be embossed later with a lovely sprig of holly on the back 🙂 My giftee even offered a little sketch of her ideal design . . . we’ll see how close I can get. I used to be a cross-stitcher and my old french knots and back stitch might just come in handy! I’m using the Give a Hoot pattern as my base–LOVE that pattern; and it’s free!


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2 Responses to Christmas in . . . September?

  1. Alina says:

    I love love love your present card idea!


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