Fair-Isle the Easy Way

Been wiping out the WIP: self-striping socks thee past couple of days and I’m happy to report that this whole Regia yarn thing seems to be working! The only question now is which sock pattern(s) to rely on and whether these beauties can be knee-length socks–my only go-to sock style for the winter 🙂

IMG_1579 IMG_1582


I could have titled this post “Guns and Needles,” as my dear, extended family was having a joy of a time target shooting in the background. I, however, was just knitting away in stockinette enjoying the super-quiet-sensory-deprivation of my green earplugs.

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6 Responses to Fair-Isle the Easy Way

  1. meluvsquki says:

    Love that colorway. Do you know of a good vanilla knee-high socks pattern?


  2. I keep wanting to try those types of colorways! Very nice! I like knitting socks!


  3. knittedblissjc says:

    ooh, such a great yarn choice, your socks are looking awesome!


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